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Updated 1-27-2020

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Ascorbic Acid Research Resources

My awareness partner, Madora Pennington has recently introduced me to a treatment option that she takes to manage her Her EDS. Ascorbic Acid intramuscular injections. Ascorbic Acid is also known as Vitamin-C. These injections have done wonders for her and she swears by them. She has been on the therapy since December of 2012. It is very important to know that taking the oral form of this medication is NOT effective in treating EDS according to Madora and her physician.



























She takes daily injections of Ascor brand ascorbic acid at a dosage of 1-2 grams. Vitamin C plays a vital role in how our body heals and protects itself. Many immune system boosters on the market such as Airborne and Emergen-C contain a high content of Vitamin-C. Vitamin C also plays a role in strengthening the connective tissue matrix in the body. Patients who suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome have a compromised connective tissue matrix, so any augmentation of this system is always an added advantage. 


There is a test for Vitamin-C deficiency, however,  patients who have EDS most often will not show a deficiency in Vitamin-C because of our genetic mutation. We generally don't have a Vitamin-C deficiency, however, Vitamin-C gives our collagen matrix the kickstart it needs to strengthen the connective tissue matrix and improve an array of things in the body. Some of these things including the aforementioned connective tissue matrix, is muscle strength, healing factors, blood clotting factors, bone strength, and immune system. 


I have discussed this treatment at length with Madora to get a real understanding of the benefits that this treatment has given her. She said that even though the shots are painful, the short amount of pain from the injection was far outweighed by the benefits. She has more energy, she is able to do more, After doing the therapy for 6 months,  she was able to start doing physical therapy. She started the therapy with small doses and titrated up over the years to the dosage that she is at now. She also mentioned that the medication has to be stored in the fridge, so to reduce the pain of the injection, she warms the syringe in her hands prior to injection.


This gave me a flashback to a memory I had when I was at the reception battalion for basic training. Basic training can be a bit of a cesspool for germs and bacteria. You have people from all over the country congregating in one area for about a week, and because they all fly there, they are exposed to a lot of people in a short amount of time. So to counter this, the Army gives everyone a penicillin shot in the rear. And this shot is refrigerated. And if you don't warm this medication up adequately, it feels like you are being injected with peanut butter. And you have a limp for a few days because it hurts to walk. 


But it keeps you from getting sick and it takes care of the majority of the germs and bacteria. Getting back to the subject at hand, After speaking to Madora about this treatment, I was intrigued. She also mentioned that her pain level went down. I along with all EDS patients live in a constant state of pain. depending on the day, the weather and various other factors depend on the severity of the pain. I am on many medications to manage pain alone, if one medication could cut this list in half, I am all about that. 


This treatment is still considered experimental and there is limited information out there about it. Madora and I are working together to find more information, and maybe one day a clinical trial can be initiated with positive results. If you would like to help us with our research, please sign up on my site, and her website. You can sign up on hers by clicking on the My Partner Tab on the top menu and signing up on her website. If you find any information that you feel could further our research, please send it to my email at edslife2019@gmail.com or post it on the Home Page of Wetzel's EDS Life. If we all work together, we may find the first viable treatment to treat Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and not just it's symptoms. 


Below are buttons that will take you to web pages and medical journals that we have found that document ascorbic acid as a treatment option for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. If you are interested in using this treatment option, these may help you when you present the idea to your physician. But this treatment option should only be discussed should be discussed by a licensed medical professional. This Website is not meant to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. Thank you and I wish you all a pain-free day!


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