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Updated 1-18-2020

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Cassie Liddick, Head of Design

I met a young woman recently who had an inspirational story and a vision. Her vision was the same as the other partners in my network as well as other zebras. To spread awareness, make information about EDS, related illnesses, and other invisible diseases easier to obtain for everyone. Another part of this vision is for zebras to be able to communicate with each other virtually and in person & offer each other emotional support. Living with a chronic illness is tough. It can feel soul-sucking. It is a constant internal battle between what you want to do, and what you can do.

It is her hope when it comes to her medical treatment and health that she can expand the knowledge not only of the illness but what she finds that can provide relief and happiness. She hopes to open peoples eyes to these many invisible and rare chronic illness including mental illness such as Depressions, Anxiety, PTSD, Etc. Many of these mental conditions can be connected to EDS and the related conditions because pain is very taxing on the mind and body.

Cassie doesn't allow her EDS to get in the way of what she loves to do. One of her favorite hobbies is baking. Having EDS puts a lot of strain on the joints. Standing for long periods of time is difficult and standing is something you tend to do a lot of when you are working in the kitchen. So to overcome this obstacle, she uses a stool which she rolls around her kitchen so that she is seated, but still able to work and do what she enjoys. She uses this stool around her house too to play with the kids. This is a simple but effective way to overcome what seems to be such a simple thing but has a huge impact on the life of a person. You don't realize how much you walk around until it hurts so much that you are unable to.

A Note From Cassie:


Personally dealing with chronic illness I look at it as a way of being able to help others who are experiencing similar things. Never let the things that come with chronic illness put you down always keep your head up and smile cause your personality and mind is stronger than your illness. Its mind over matter. I manage by talking to others who understand me and what I am going through and by keeping a close relationship with my family, and not keeping all the pain inside. Look in the mirror, you ARE more than your chronic illness. You are a person with EDS, not an EDS patient!

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