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Photo/ Video Plans For 2020

This year we are going to do things differently than last year. Last year was the first year that we had the foundation up and running. Over the past years worth of time, we have learned a lot about how working and building websites can impact the targeted group. We did a lot of brainstorming, trying to come up with ways to best serve the Zebra community. And we hit a brick wall. 

Then one day we had a moment of clarity that was so obvious, if it was a snake it would have bit us. We decided to ask you what kind of content you wanted to see on the site. More often than not, when someone has a slew of medical problems that feels like a mountain is falling on them. You feel neglected, alienated and that no one really understands what you are going through, And because of the "Opioid Epidemic", anyone who is in need of pain relief, whether it be long term or short term is being treated like a drug addict.

The guidelines that the CDC released had unforeseen consequences to many chronic pain patients in all appearances, it seemed to cause more harm than good. The patient's doctors would either stop prescribing them their pain medications which would cause severe withdrawal effects on top of pain that the medication was already treating. Or they would be tapered down, but not slowly enough. The withdrawal wasn't as bad, but the patients were still in pain. But this was not the case with all doctors.

Some doctors took the time and read the guidelines very carefully and once they did, they did not change their prescribing of medications to patients who required them. I am talking about the doctors within my area, I cannot speak for the rest of the nation. But a trend seems to have developed over the past few years. A trend that adds insult to injury. People who are on pain medications, whether it be for long term or short term pain management, are treated like drug addicts.

And the truth is, the majority of those who overdose on opioids, did it on things other than pain medications. People who are truly in pain only take enough pain medication, usually the amount that is prescribed as often as it prescribed and it controls their pain enough that they can function. Whereas people who abuse drugs, and have a tendency to overdose are not trying to get rid of physical pain, but rather emotional pain. They are in such emotional torment that they will do anything to numb the pain.

Luckily there is another option with CBD and medical grade CBD hemp to treat pain. it can be taken in several different forms, is 100% legal, is much safer as there is a very minimal risk of overdose. There is also Kratom. I have never used this substance and this is not a suggestion to use with CBD Hemp or Kratom. I was prescribed the CBD Hemp by my doctor so that I could stop taking morphine because it was wrecking my digestive system. It works pretty well for the most part and in combination with other medications and sedatives to manage my anxiety and powerful NSAIDS, my pain is tolerable most days.

It is our goal that by April we will be posting video talk sessions of Zebras talking about various medical topics that all of us face on a daily basis such as pain management, insurance problems, doctors who don't want to listen, dismissive hospital staff, and the list goes on and on. We want to hear from you. At the top and bottom of our site is a button to go to Facebook and Twitter. If you live within the south central area of Pennsylvania and would like to be on one of our talk sessions, or have an idea for a topic that you feel would be beneficial to have discussed and researched , then send us a message via social media.

Social media is the fastest way for us to get your messages and answer in kind. So don't forget to subscribe, like and share us on social media & the website and keep up to date with all the content that we post on social media and the website. We hope that you are having an easy go of things and that the winter weather isn't to hard on you. Stay warm, stay safe, take it slow when clearing snow, and have a pain free week!