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Updated 1-27-2020

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Reynaud's Phenomenon 

Reynaud's Phenomenon also called Reynaud's Disease or Reynaud's Syndrome is a unique and interesting disease. This is not to be taken away from how much of an impact it can have on a persons life. Reynaud's is the result of contriction of the blood vessels in the outer extremities, mainly the hands, feet toes, finger, ears, nipple, knees, elbows, and nose. Essentially the 'sharp' points on the body. What happens is spasms in the blood vessels in those areas, which results in restricted blood flow to the areas. As a result, this causes pain, & changes in tissue color. These colors can range from white, yellow, orange or blue. ​

Symptoms of Reynaud's:

~Numbness in fingers, toes, hands, feet, ears and other aforementioned 'sharp' points of the body.

~Digits that change color in the cold.

~Hands become swollen when they are cold.

~Chillblains, itchy red skin that is sensitive to the touch. Skin is swollen, feels hot, and burning.

 ~Skin Ulcers

~Hands and finger pads become puffy and painful when warmed back up.

~Digits become cold.


Those At Risk For Reynaud's:

Anyone can get Reynaud's Syndrome. But there are some more susceptible than others. Some people who are susceptible are people who are around certain types of chemicals. Also, those who deal with certain types of machinery that vibrates, such as jackhammers, drills, grinders, sanders, sandblasters, and other industrial equipment that vibrates at high and medium range frequencies. Also those who live in cold climates are more prone to Reynaud's than those who live in warmer climates.


Some conditions that contribute to what is called Secondary Reynaud's Syndrome. This means that the disorder is the result of being a secondary condition as the result of another condition in which the patient has. Some of these conditions are:

~Connective Tissue Diseases

~Sjogren's Syndrome


~Ehlers Danlos Syndrome


~Carpel Tunnel

~Vascular Diseases

~Crest Syndrome

~Buerger Disease

~Rheumatoid Arthritis




~Thyroid Disorders

~Pulmonary Hypertension





Other Risk Factors:

Some things that can cause Raynaud's Syndrome that are not the result of a primary medical condition are;


~Chemical Exposure such as vinyl chloride

~Certain forms of chemo therapy

~Medications such as beta blockers, migraine medications that fall into the ergotamine and triptan catagories. 

~Medications used to treat certain hyperactivity disorders 

~OTC cold medicine

~Nitric oxide


~Previous exposure to frost nip or frostbite.

~Chronic exposure to vaso-constrictors

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