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Updated 1-23-2020

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Video Library

Check out our video player. It is a library of videos about EDS, patients who have EDS, treatment options, related illnesses, and other videos on medical breakthroughs. There is so much information out there, these are some of my favorites. 

The Ehlers Danlos Society Video Library

The Ehlers Danlos Society is an excellent source of information. They provide clinical and information for non-experts about all aspects of EDS. They also provide the sources of where they get their information. The Ehlers Danlos Society frequently hosts virtual webinars featuring experts in their respective fields to discuss different aspects of EDS. This includes different ways to manage, treat and breakthroughs in research. This fairly new approach of spreading information allows those who are unable to attend the conferences that the EDS Society hosts each year in different cities to still have access to the information. 

They also feature the lectures from the yearly conferences so we can all see what was presented and learn new things about EDS. This progressive approach to disseminating information is revolutionary. Finding information about EDS and its related conditions can be challenging. Especially when you want to find accurate, hard facts.  Medical professionals who are unfamiliar with the condition can be cold and dismissive which can lead to a whole host of problems when it comes to the quality of care a person receives. This progressive approach is a great step in the right direction in mending that problem. Click the button to go their Youtube page to view all the content they currently have available.